Using Consumer Insight – A game of ‘perfect timing’ for better sales

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“My department store has many products to market. Each day, new events take place. How do I use consumer insight and get my timing right?”

Consumer Insight is a pain. Walking through a department store the other day, my heart went out for the Email Campaign Marketing Manager. His job was to assess events, screen his database and find out the best moments to communicate to his customers via email and SMS. With thousands of products on the shelves and hundreds of events happening daily, finding the right connection was not easy but challenging.  It was definitely a matter of perfect timing.

Thankfully, today’s Campaign Marketing Manager now has big data to his advantage. Apart from the standard list of customer email IDs, mobile numbers, birthdays and actual spends, Department Stores are investing in knowing their customers better. For example –  Are they married? Do they have kids? What are their hobbies? Where do they live? Are they financially savvy? Are they passionate about anything in particular? Do they travel? Through which mediums do they connect to the Store? The more you can find out about your customers, the more specific and targeted you can be.

I’ve tried to list a few of these time-based consumer insight related marketing events which may turn out to be profitable campaigns.

12 Campaign ideas to segmented audiences based on event timing and consumer insight


1. After a marathon/during the running season

Audience: Male/Females 25-35 who have bought an running shoes or treadmill from the Store
Product: Fitness Accessories/Massage aids
Timing: Right after a broadcasted marathon/crossfit games/triathlon or during the running season
Campaign: Email speaking about how these accessories/aids will add an advantage to your fitness routine
Offer: Bundled offering at a discount

2. After an initial big ticket household purchase

Audience: Male/Females who have bought a large ticket household item (fridge/washing machine/stove)
Product: Personal Loan through your Store Credit Card
Timing: 1 week after initial purchase
Campaign: Email speaking about how a personal loan will help you avoid rocking your monthly budget because you pay back in smaller installments
Offer: Personal Loan

3. When Airline prices drop

Audience: Male/Females who have bought suitcases
Product: Bundled Travel Accessories (locks/travel pillow/organisers)
Timing: Right after a major drop in airline ticket prices
Campaign: Email speaking about how these accessories will help sort out your travel plans
Offer: Bundled offering at a discount

4. When it’s Bonus Season

Audience: Females who are high apparel spenders at your department store
Product:  Discounted branded apparel
Timing: Day after tax rebates are paid out or during bonus season
Campaign: Email speaking new clothing at an attractive price
Offer: Special campaign discount

5. During the Wedding Season

Audience: To be married couples who are high spenders at your department store
Product:  Home appliances
Timing: Wedding season
Campaign: Email offering a bundling of home appliances to help set up your new home
Offer: Bundled discount

6. When there’s a big game on TV

Audience:  Males 25-35 in an area where a major sporting event is about to or has taken place based on Pin Code Mapping
Product:  Sports gear equipment related to the event
Timing: Right after the game
Campaign: Email promoting playing the sport to re-live the spirit of the game
Offer: Time Bound Discount

7. After a natural disaster strikes

Audience: Male/female customers in disaster affected areas based on Pin Code Mapping
Product: Home appliances
Timing: Right after a natural disaster
Campaign: Email offering a bundling of home appliances to help get back on track
Offer: Bundled discount on appliances

8. Before school exams begin

Audience: Students
Product:  School Stationery
Timing: 2 weeks before exam season begins
Campaign: Email asking students to be prepared for exams
Offer: Bundled discount

9. When there is neighborhood construction

Audience: Females in areas of high dust/construction based on Pin Code Mapping
Product:  Vacuum cleaner/Dust buster
Timing: When a major construction project has started in the neighborhood
Campaign: Email offering tools to keep your home dust-free
Offer: Discount

10. When there’s a flower show on TV or in town

Audience: Male/Female who have bought garden tools/plants/seeds before
Product:  Gardening tools/soil/implements/plants
Timing: Just after a major flower show/exhibition
Campaign: Email offering a set of tools to improve your gardening skills
Offer: Discount

11. When the nation worries about safety

Audience: Female
Product:  Pepper Spray
Timing: After any national security issue/threat is broadcast
Campaign: Email offering protection for your night outs
Offer: Discount

12. After a Musical Concert

Audience: Female/Male who enjoy music
Product: Electric Guitars/Drums/Keyboards
Timing: Within a week of the concert ending
Campaign: Email speaking about playing an instrument like your favorite band
Offer: Discount

Only a skilled marketing campaign manager can to find the right connection between consumer insight, timing and your product. Once established, marketing campaigns will resonate with better ROI and take unsold inventory off your shelves more quickly than previously anticipated.

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