Why should I boost my Facebook posts?

Boost your Facebook Posts

“I don’t want to spend and boost posts on Facebook. Isn’t just posting enough?”

Each year that goes by marks a decrease in organic reach of your Facebook posts. Sad but true, Facebook is going all out to ensure that marketers their marketing dollars spend to boost their posts or use Facebook Ad Manager to reach out to larger, relevant audiences. Many ask whether boosting a post makes sense or can you reach the right audiences without it. Here’s my take:

Organic vs Facebook Paid posts

Currently it looks as though any non-paid post from a company page reaches about one tenth of the total number of page likes of your page without a boost. Facebook also shows the post to your existing audience who may already be on board or have already consumed your product. For a new audience, sponsored posts are though only way. You need to boost them.

Facebook, Linkedin or Adwords – Which platform works best

In terms of cost, Facebook posts are still a clear winner, followed by Linkedin and then Adwords. Facebook posts work best for a retail, B2C product. Though Linkedin may be hailed as a B2B marketplace, almost all users of Linkedin do look at their personal Facebook accounts. As an example, you may be selling customized building supplies to a builder and think Linkedin is the only way to go but architects who design your building and influence the builders design plans are all on Facebook.

Targeting within Facebook

Facebook targeting has evolved over time and goes beyond simple demographic and geo-targeting. Some of the powerful targeting techniques are based on occupation, interests, affinity, type of mobile and event based (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays). All this definitely provides an edge in targeting the right customer.

Using Facebook posts effectively may prove to be an integral part of your social media and lead generation strategy. It is not a platform to be neglected, be it for a B2C or a B2B business.

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